SEPT 2022 – Firewood – Sorry but we are unable to take on new customers at the moment.

We supply firewood logs cut to your requirements and delivered in loose tipped loads.  All our logs are well seasoned and we aim to have the moisture content well below 30%. 

All timber is felled during the winter months at least 2 years before sale and is air dried initially before being stored and processed in sheds.  Felling during the winter means less sapwood in the logs and less disturbance to birdlife and the environment. Burning dry wood is very important to get the most energy out of the fuel – wet logs will clog up chimneys and not burn efficiently.

We rely on word of mouth and rarely advertise. We deliver within a radius of 15 miles of St Clears.  We need suitable access and turnaround space.

Recently we have been involved in the clearance of diseased Ash trees which is adding to our secure stocking,  However, due to volume of work and with this in mind we are not always in a position to take on new customers. Please phone 01994230516 to enquire.

PRICES AS FROM Sept 1st 2022

Standard 3M³ load (cu capacity of trailer) All hardwood, mainly Ash = £225 (plus 5%VAT)

Standard 2M³ load (cu capacity of trailer) All hardwood, mainly Ash = £160 (plus 5%VAT)

If you are ordering firewood please make sure you know the exact length of log required. We cut anything between 9 and 19 inches.

Hardwood species include oak, ash, sycamore, birch, holly, hazel, willow and alder in the main.

All timber is cut from local sustainably managed woodlands – we do not import timber from Europe nor do we use energy to kiln dry the logs. By planning ahead we can still supply well seasoned dry logs. 

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